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Im currently updating the course and making it better so that you can have interesting, high-quality study materials that will help you significantly improve your level of Russian. Im re-doing the course from scratch – proofreading every single old article, adding new articles and rerecording audio in better quality for all articles. Believe me, its going to be worth the wait!

Also, the course is in the process of being moved to a new platform. On this website, youll find only OLD articles that havent been updated yet. Once the article is updated, its removed from here and uploaded to the official Boost Your Russian course platform. When all articles are updated, your student account on this website will be removed, and youll be able to access all articles on the new platform. 

Heres the timeline of the update:

  1. Level 1 articles – UPDATED;
  2. Level 2 articles – UPDATED;
  3. Level 3 articles – UPDATED.

If you have any questions about the update, please send me an email at